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Edel Marie Sanders 


Edel Marie first sang professionally at age 14.  She has since performed around the world via multiple musical modes. Edel applies her operatic training to all genres for powerful effect and healthy singing. She has been certified with US National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) for 20+ years.


Edel graduated with a conservatory degree in vocal and theatrical performance from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and later earned her Bachelor's degree from Columbia University, majoring in music composition while studying psychology, ranking at the top of her classes in both subjects.  For her Honors Thesis, she composed a ballet-opera about Frederick Douglass, which won the ASCAP classical music award.


In a desire to share music with others and contribute to society in a broader sense, Edel earned master's degrees from Columbia University in music education and educational research, followed by a PhD from the University of Cambridge where she studied Educational & Music Psychology. Her dissertation focused on the effects of music on the mathematical mind. 


Current research explores the power of music therapy for healing and growth. Dr. Sanders is also Head of Research in Psychology at the University of New York in Prague (UNYP) At both UNYP and Charles University, she created and taught a course called Music & the Mind, which explores cognitive and therapeutic aspects of music.

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